Attack Of The Zombie Vampires

What happens when you mix a vampire and a zombie?

Lyndsey Duncan is about to find out when she takes a shortcut through the cemetary on her way home.

As the bodies begin to pile up, will Lyndsey's best friend Chelsea save the day with the help of reality TV star Charles Harkness, before DI Benson and Dr Callaghan solve the case?

Or will they all fall prey to the Zompires insatiable hunger?

Authors note (Possible Spoilers!)

Attack of the Zombie Vampires came from an idea I had long ago when I was interested in making short movies and it kind of just stuck around in the back of my head gestating until it got to the point where I really needed to start writing it down properly. The original short was going to be a silly parody where you have this Van Helsing type who hunts literally everything.